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Monday, November 15, 2021

November 2 Interview with Eileen Moynihan

 Interview with author Eileen Moynihan

Pat Stinson, Interviewer.

"Hello, Everyone.  Today I want to introduce you to the author Eileen Moynihan.  She writes children's books and adult poetry.  Let's find out a little bit about her."

Eileen Moynihan

"Hi, Eileen.  Would you please tell us a bit about your background, such as where you grew up, your family, and your career?"

"Love to, Pat.  I was born in Chelmsford, Essex, England, U.K.   I was fortunate to have an Irish father and an English mother.  When I was three, my family moved to Newport on the Isle of Wight, which lays off the south coast of England.  When I was twelve, we moved to the town of Shanklin. I loved living near the sea and the buzz of summer tourists.  My parents ran a Bed and Breakfast, and my father also worked as a male nurse, and my mother was in charge of the local school kitchen.  By this time, there were six of us children.

"I went to catholic schools on the 'island,'  and at the age of sixteen, I went to the local state high school.  Later I went to the Catholic College of Education in Southampton to become a teacher.  During this time, my parents moved to West Cork in Ireland, and after I received my degree, I went to Ireland.  After some time, I was hired to teach children with Special Needs in Bantry, County Cork.  It was here I met my husband, Pat.  After we had a boy, we bought a house in the village of Drimoleague, and our daughter was born.  Later we built a bungalow in the village of Baltimore, and our youngest son was born.

"I later became a Resource Teacher. My father died in October 2005, and my aunt passed away in November 2006. This was a painful time for me but also a turning point. My husband, Pat, and I sold our house in 2009 and moved to where I live now on the border of Counties Roscommon and Longford in a small village called Tarmonbarry on the river Shannon.

"Since my early retirement, I have been self-publishing children's books and poetry."

"You certainly have had an interesting life with your moves to different places in the U.K. and Ireland. Having your own children and teaching children is a rewarding challenge.  Have you always been interested in writing?  What draws you to writing?"

"By the age of seven, I was penning little stories about animals and fairies.  And I love the rhythm and rhyme of poetry, especially in A.A. Milne's When We Were Very Young' and 'Now We Are Six.

"I am drawn to writing because it was something that seemed to come easily to me at school, and others seemed to enjoy my writing.  This was encouraging.  I also love letting my imagination run riot and see what is created from the ideas thrown up in my head and the character voices that speak to me.  I always enjoyed fiction over fact, although I have always found anything historical, interesting."

"I am glad to see that your characters speak to you.  My characters come at night and speak to me, so I don't always get the sleep I want. How many books have you written?  Tell us what they are about."

"I have written 7 children's books and a collection of poetry for adults."

"A children's book of poetry about wildflowers and trees found in Ireland, with Irish names added.  It is illustrated with fabulous flower fairies painted by Angela Corkey.

The title is Rory Gumboots.
Rory Gumboots is a hedgehog who wears red gumboots and lives in the quiet, tranquil woodlands known as Noddinghead Nook.  One day the peace of Noddinghead Nook is shattered by the threat of Monster Machines.

Eleanor wonders where dreams come from.  Her mother tells Eleanor about the Dreamsmith.  Eleanor meets the magical Dreamsmith and learns all about the unique ingredients used in dreams and how dreams are made in the book The Dreamsmith.

The Reckolahesperus  Sam is an only child who lives in the country.  He loves to explore and play outside, but his mother isn't fond of his messy ways.  One day Sam's mother says something strange to him, which leads him to make friends with an extraordinary creature.

Hattie and Jacques Love London

When Hattie, a mouse from London, England, meets Jacques, a mouse from Paris, France, an extraordinary friendship begins. They join the French au-pair Sophie and the twins Boby and Bella on a trip around London.  They visit many landmarks and have some adventures on the way.

Frances Darwin Investigates

One day Frances Darwin finds a bit of torn paper on the ground.  This excites Frances as she would love to be a detective.  This bit of paper sends Frances on a 'wild goose chase' that leads her to find a stray dog called Bouncer and other events leading to dog-nappers. 

"My latest book is Bunny Bob and the White Stuff. This is a picture book for young children.  Bunny Bob discovers snow for the first time and is very puzzled by it.  He goes to explore it and gets lost.  He makes friends with a bird called Pip, who helps him to get home."

"I think it is great you are writing for young children.  It will spark their interest in reading.  What would you like your legacy to be?"

"Pat, I hope people will go on enjoying my books long after I have gone.  I hope I have touched people's lives through my books and my teaching.  I may well be remembered for my failings, but I hope people will remember any good I did as well."

"Thank you, Eileen, for taking the time to visit with us. I hope you have the very best on all your future writing projects.  God Bless."

The books are available on Amazon.  

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