Thursday, July 9, 2020



Oops! For many years (about 70) people have thought Robert Peary was the first person to reach the North Pole.  

However, the National Geographic Society calculated Mr. Peary had not gone as far north as he thought.  Frederick Cook and Matthew Henson did not reach the Pole as well.  

Did anyone?


 April 1968 Ralph Plaisted and some friends from the great state of Minnesota snowmobiled to the North Pole. Mr. Plaisted loved snowmobiling and a friend kidded him that if he loved it so much he should ride to the North Pole.   Ralph took up the challenge.  He was the first to get to the Pole by the surface. It was verified by the United States Air Force.

The Twin Cities Pioneer Press later recorded Mr. Plaisted saying, "Boy, it's cold up there.  I don't know why anyone would want to do it again."  

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                                                                                New Topic!

.A weekly blog is in the works to come out in September.  It will be on writing.  I am not an expert but I enjoy doing it and I would like to share that joy with anyone else who would like to sign up for some tips and ideas.  It looks now like it would be eight blogs.

 A different landing page for the blog is being planned, so it will not be at this site and will not go out to the subscribers of In the Good Old Days of Yesteryear.  

Here is a small sample of what we could do:

Why is this sentence correct?  She sat up.  
Why is this sentence incorrect?  She sat down.  

In the first sentence, she was obviously lying down and then sat up.
In the second sentence leave out the word down as she can only sit down, therefore, down is not needed and would be considered redundant.    

Picky, picky, picky.   Writing brings me chuckles.

In the writing blog  I hope people will ask questions, make suggestions, and even share their ideas with me.   As a teacher, I have always learned from my students.

What will you get from the blog course?  I hope fun, knowledge, interest in writing more, and confidence that what you have to say, in any form, is worth writing about.  
If you think you would be interested in subscribing to the free writing blog course put the information in the comment section below or email me at
   Only requirement:  Able to read at a third-grade level so it is open to almost all ages.   Young and Elder. Happy and Grouchy, All are welcome.