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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

November Post # One

                                          Gifts for the Holidays

We can send a meaningful gift such as a note or a greeting card to our friends and family, especially those we do not see very often.  Who doesn't love getting an envelope in the mailbox that is not a bill or junk mail?

I know many people send emails, but I like to send snail mail as it is something people enjoy opening, and they can put it in a cardholder (I have two cardholders) to see the greetings often.  They remind us of our dear ones.

An extra gift we can include in the card is this website,  This is entirely free. There is no subscribing, joining, or buying, but your friends can download books onto their devices.  They have classical adult books, children's books, and how-to books.  The books do not have a copywrite if downloaded in the United States and for private use.  

They have many selections of children's books, such as Alice In Wonderland, with different illustrations.  Many classical authors such as Dickens and Twain, etc., are at the site.  I have Dickens' Bleak House.

They have books in other languages.  

There are more up-to-date authors whose books are included so long as the books are for private use only as they are still under copy write laws. 

If you have any books you wish to recommend, let me know.  

The last riddle.  The question was, how many trips on the boat must you take to get the wolf, duck, and bag of seeds across to the other side of the river safely?

Answer: First, bring the duck over.

              Return alone.

              Bring the wolf over.

              Return with the duck.

              Bring the bag of seeds over.

              Return alone.

               Bring the duck over.

Now, you and your three purchases from the market are safely on the other side of the river!

New Riddle:  Water in Buckets:

You have a 5-gallon bucket, a 3-gallon bucket, and a water faucet.  How can you accurately put four gallons of water into the 5-gallon bucket?

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