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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Review of Wild River

                          Review Wild River

I am putting this review of my book Wild River in my blog. The view just came out from the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. I am doing this as some people have notified me they will be at the Northtown Mall Book Fair

on April 20th from 11 a.m. to 3, where I will have this book and others. If you are interested, this will give you an idea of what is in the book.

"Title: Wild River

Author: Patricia Stinson

"Wild River" by Patricia Stinson takes readers on a gripping journey back to 1871, where Dr. Edmund Proft, hailing from Connecticut, confronts the unforgiving realities of life in the New Mexico territory. As Proft navigates through a landscape fraught with gunfights, robbery, and pervasive ignorance, the novel delbes into the depths of prejudice, shining a spotlight on the conplexities of human nature, including Proft's own biases.

Set against the backdrop of the untamed West, Stinson's narrative skillfully captures the harshness and demands of the era, immersing readers in a world where survival is a constant struggle and danger lurks around every corner. Through Proft's experiences, the novel explores themes of resilience, adaptability, and the transformative power of facing one's own prejudices. 

Sinson's vivid prose and meticulous attention to historical detail bring the setting to life, transporting readers to a time and place where every decision carries weight and every encounter is fraught with tension. "Wild River" is not merely a tale of survival, but a poignant exploration of the human spirit and the enduring quest for understanding and acceptance in a world fraught with challenges.

 With its richly drawn characters, evocative setting, and thought-provoking themes, "Wild River" ... Stinson's masterful storytelling and compelling narrative make this novel a standout work that will captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression."

Review by Al Calderon, the Organizer of the L.A. Times Festival of Books.

My newest book, Texas Cakewalk, does not have any reviews yet. 

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