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Sunday, September 17, 2023


Fish is often written about in the Bible. From Leviticus 11:9-12 "These are the things that breed in the water, and which it is lawful to eat. All that hath fins and scales, as well as in the sea, as in the rivers, and the pools, you shall eat. but whatever hath not fins and scales...shall be an abomination to you; you shall not eat their flesh and their carcasses you shall avoid."

From Tobit 6:4-8 (found in the Apocrypha or hidden books of the Old Testament): "Take out the entrails of fish, and lay up his heart, and his gall, and his liver, for these are necessary for useful medicines... And the gall is good for anointing eyes, in which there is a white speck, and they shall be cured."

Nutritionists and scientists agree that fish oil or omega-3 is very beneficial. Eating fish helps with:

1. Thinning the blood, 2. Protects arteries from damage, 3. Inhibits blood clots, 4. Reduces blood triglycerides, 5. Lowers LDL, blood cholesterol, 6. Lowers blood pressure, 7. Reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, 8. Eases symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, 9. Reduces risk of lupus, 10. Relieves migraine headaches, 11. Fights inflammation, 12. Helps regulate the immune system, 13. Inhibits animal cancer (Rutgers University is researching fish's effect on reducing human cancer), 14. Soothes bronchial asthma, 15. Combats early kidney disease. 

Taking omega-3 is as effective as eating fish. 

The old wives' tale about fish being brain food and will make you smarter is not true. But eating fish seems to boost your mental energy when you are fatigued. This does not happen when taking omega-3, but in eating fish that contains tyrosine, which is not found in Omega-3. Seafood is high in the potent amino acid. It stimulates the brain to make extra norepinephrine and dopamine. This helps us be at peak efficiency and helps us feel alert. 

People in the days the Bible was written did not have a way to preserve fish. They had to eat fresh fish. Today, we have many ways to preserve fish. Which is good for me as I'm a very poor fisherman.

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