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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

What was Paupukeevis Thinking?


You may know by now I love to read, especially history. Such fascinating stories and all true. Here is one of them. 

In 1907 there was a zoo called Longfellow Gardens near the Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis. It had hippos, zebras, camels, elephants, lions, tigers, and bears in cages for the people to stare at.

It also had deer, elk, flamingos, and sea lions who roamed the zoo as they wished. They could mingle with the people. Thousands of visitors visited the grounds.

One sea lion named Paupukeevis decided he wanted adventure. So he flip-flopped over to the Minnehaha Falls, and from there, he swam down the Mississippi.   

In its June 10, 1907 issue, Minneapolis Tribue newspaper carried the news about the escape. It advised the readers to be on the lookout for the escapee who "wore a plain suit of shiny black."

Reports started to come in. It appears Paupukeevis swam to St. Paul's Boom Island, where he met John Knutson. Evidently, he didn't like Mr. Knutson as he bit him and tore a piece out of his trousers, which he took with him as he paddled away.

There was a report of the wandering sea lion at the mouth of the Minnesota River. Plainclothes agents sent from Longfellow Gardens rushed to the area and scoured it, but no sign was found of the miscreant.
Some folks think he made his way to the Gulf. 

R.F. Jones, who owned the zoo, offered a reward for the return of the wandering swimmer. He feared someone might shoot it, thinking it was a river monster.

No one claimed the reward, and Paupukeevis is still missing.  

The zoo closed in 1934.


In these days of germ concerns, I read in the book Home Remedies From The Bible about what the people did in the ancient days.  

                                                                  What did they do for acne?

Most acne is from infection from blocked glands.

Onion juice was rubbed on the skin to clear up acne.  The liquid seemed to be an antibiotic.  In ancient days onions were so expensive that they were buried with royalty.

Also, a tonic of rosewater and witch hazel was applied with cotton. Or the Calendula plant, which we call marigold, was used.

People inhaled steam with chamomile, sage leaves, and thyme to purge the skin of impurities. (please do not inhale anything unless your doctor says it is okay.)

Lemon juice is a gem killer and helps to bring circulation to the skin. Using fresh lemon juice for the desired area was deemed helpful.

Carrot, grapefruit, and celery juice may help to detoxify the skin from the inside out. (Not sure if the people drank the juice or put it on the skin.)

Please consult a health professional if you wish to try any of these ideas.
This information is from Home Remedies from the Bible by Mary Ellen Hettinger.

When I was a child, and my mother bought a fresh lemon for a recipe, she would put the lemon skin in the dishwater. We did not have bottled lemon juice. 

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