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Monday, September 27, 2021

October Fun

 October Fun: Poems and Books

October is around the corner.  The chilly weather, the falling leaves, the carved pumpkins announce this festive month.

You have been following my ideas in this blog.  So I thought I would ask you for your input for October.
Do you have a favorite poem? If so, send it to me, at least the title or author, and I can look it up and post it for all of us to enjoy.

How about a favorite book where October or autumn or Halloween is featured?  I will blog the title and author, and the readers of this blog can go to the library or maybe buy the book to enjoy.

October will be your month for you to have your say.  This will be your platform, your blog.  I hope you make use of it.  

Eating Garbage

You're having a conversation with a friend about your favorite foods.  He/she says to you, "My favorite food is the one where you throw away the outside and cook the inside, then you eat the outside and throw away the inside!"  What food is he/she talking about?    

Answer: Corn on the cob in the husk.

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