Saturday, July 17, 2021

Mystery Story: Scene One

 This is the first scene in the untitled mystery. After the story is completed, readers may submit titles.  The person with the winning title will receive a prize.  

Mystery: Scene One of Chapter One

      Snuggling against his bare arm, she traced his ear and facial features with her finger.  When she began tracing his eyelid, he laughed.

     "Stop that!  It tickles."  He looked at her and smiled.

     "I like to tickle you and lay with you and feel your body on mine.  And you are so comfortable to lie against."

     "Comfortable? That sounds awful like I'm an old sofa."  He moved his hand across her bare breasts.

     "It's for sure you are not.  And all those groupies who follow you around and ooh and ahh at you with silky eyes sure don't think so."

     He blew strands of hair off her face as his fingers moved around her body.  "They don't know what I feel like in bed, comfortable or not, as I don't have sex with anyone but you, Judith.  If you got a divorce and marry me, I'd be underfoot all the time, and you would know for sure I don't go to bed with any 'groupies.'"

      "We're back to that old discussion again."  She pulled away from him, sat up, and began dressing.

     "I'm tired of our sneaking around.  When we are in public, I can't do anything but smile and talk with you casually.  I want everyone to know I love you."

     "Phil, don't you think I'm tired of wearing this disguise and pretending I'm your sister?" Judith picked up a blond wig from the nightstand and waved it.  "I've told you I can't get a divorce.  There has never been one in my family, and I'll not be the first.  And if I do decide to run for senator, it looks better if I'm happily married.  Plus, you know Franklin and I each signed an agreement that the one who asks for a divorce must give half of all their present assets to the other.  I'm not about to give up over ten million dollars to a man I don't love and who has millions of his own.  No, thank you!"

     She picked up her high heel shoe and threw it against the wall.  It left a slight gouge on the plasterboard. She moved to the edge of the bed and stared at the mark for a moment before punking her wig on crookedly.

     Phil drew the sheet up to his chest.  "I know.  I know."  His tone reflected the dejection and exasperation.  "Oh, wouldn't it be nice if he were to drop dead? Then you could save your reputation and money, and we could come out from hiding.  If he died soon, we could wait a respectful time, get married, and you could put your name into the party for the senate in the next election for Minnesota in four years.  That would be great!"

     She felt his eyes staring into her back.  She turned and squinted at him.  "You're not're not seriously thinking...?"  She stood and inched away from the bed.  "Tell me you're not serious."

     "What if I were?"

     Judith's eyes widened as she stared at his face.  "If I thought for a moment you were serious...I...I'd leave you.  I couldn't have anything to do with you.  And if he did die, I'd never marry you. Never if I even thought for a moment, you had something to do with his death.  I couldn't marry such a person.  I couldn't.  Never!"

     Phil got up and put on his robe.  "Darling, I was just joking, you know, just talking silly.  I wouldn't do anything to harm anyone.  You know that."  He put his arms around her as he kissed her neck and shoulders.

     Air escaped from her lungs in a long sigh.  "I know, of course.  You couldn't be serious about something like that.  I couldn't love someone who could do that.  We love each other, and we can go on this way, indefinitely.  Love like ours is deep and strong. Right?"

     "We can go on forever and ever," Phil said.   

       Phil kissed her so hard and deep she felt she was swallowed in his arms and mouth.

(Stay tuned for the continuing saga in the mystery.  What happens to Judith and Phil?  Do they get married?     If they do, how does it happen?  If they don't, why not?  What happens next week?____________________________________________________________________________

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