Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Silliness and More

 Traveling in the 1800s

Wells, Fargo & Company used the Concord Coach made in Concord, New Hampshire.  It was a durable coach, and in 1861 folks could buy a train and stagecoach ticket, and barring any storms, floods, Indian attacks, holdups, or breakdowns, they might make it coast to coast in twenty-six days.   Travel was an adventure.  I would like to ask an astronaut how a rocket trip compares.

Many people are buying online.  That is not new.  Aaron Montgomery Ward founded the first mail-order business in 1872.

Tax season just ended.  Did you know the Constitution of the United States prohibited income tax?  However, in 1913 the Sixteenth Amendment was passed, which changed that part of the Constitution and our wallets.  (Remember, the Constitution can not be changed by Congress.  The proposed amendment must be put on the ballot for the citizens to vote on.  It passed by the will of the people.)

We will soon begin the month of May.  May has a long history; some say superstitions.

May Day has Maypole dances and parades.  They were of great importance to the Druids, Romans, and Phoenicians.  Ceremonies were to drive away the evil spirits responsible for cold, darkness, illness, and barrenness.  The Maypole stood for life and fertility.

The ancient Briton and the Druids were sun-worshippers, so they lighted fires on the first day of May to honor the sun.

Instead of a pole, some folks would use a huge tree as the supernatural beings who lived in the tree would be encouraged to begin spring buds.

The night before the first of May was dreaded by all.  The sinister powers would ride through the air. So to banish the evil spirits, fires were built around the villages. The next morning carolers would leave a wreath by the cottage door. Then good fairies would bless the house, and the people would put out bowls of milk for their fairy friends.

Sometimes bells were rung to awaken the earth to help the seeds and roots flourish.

When May Day arrived in New England, baskets were covered with crepe paper, filled with fresh flowers, decorated with bows, and containing confections were hung on doors.  After ringing the bell, the donor ran away and hid.

I hope everyone traveling in May has a comfortable trip, filed their tax form, got money back (Whoppe-e-e-e), and has a Merry Month of May. 

Be Happy!