Saturday, October 24, 2020



I am one of the 'odd ducks' who believe God is involved in our everyday lives when He is invited in. 

Today I am going to share a blessing from Him.  If you have any blessings you wish for me to share on this blog, please send them to me, and I will be delighted to post them.  We need to see His blessings during this difficult time as He cares for us. 

                                         Disguised Blessing

This blessing I title disguised as when it happened, it might not seem to be a blessing. This is my blessing this last week.

My friends Sue and Pam carpooled with me to my cabin in October before my brother-in-law closes it down for the winter. Usually, we go early in October, but this year there was a conflict, so we went on Monday, the 19th, and planned to come back to the Minneapolis area on Thursday the 23rd. 

We arrived, turned on the furnace, got toasty warm, made our dinner, and played our Rummikub game.  We went to bed at about midnight.  Around four a.m. on Tuesday, the cabin was freezing.  In the morning I got hold of a fellow to look at the furnace, he arrived at  4 o'clock p.m.  Meanwhile, Pam, Sue, and I sat in our winter coats, etc.  The fellow fixed the furnace quickly.  It was a sticky value, and all he had to do was lubricate it.   The lubrication was ten dollars, and the labor was 170 dollars as he had to come from the town of Cameron.  The cabin again got toasty warm. So Tuesday we had dinner and played more games, this time Mexican Train.  We went to bed, and all was well.  We woke up in a freezing cabin early Wednesday morning.  No Heat. 

It had snowed about four inches on Tuesday. We checked the weather for Thursday, the day we had planned to come home, and the weather forecasted freezing rain.  

So, we packed up and left Wednesday at 1 O'clock p.m.  The roads and highways were dry, and there was very little traffic.  We got to my house, and my two friends were then able to drive to their homes before dark. Everybody was safely home and warm.
My brother-in-law called the furnace repair person and met him at the cabin on Friday, driving was good, and the valve was replaced.  Don't know the cost yet.  My nephew went up with his dad, and they closed the cabin for the winter. 

Now, you might wonder how all of this was a blessing.  This is what I know.
God knew the weather would be freezing rain when we planned to drive home, so He made sure we would go earlier.  How did He do this? By showing us, the furnace value was not reliable.
If we went earlier in October, we might not have been aware the furnace had a bad valve as it did work at times but not when it was frigid.  My brother-in-law would have closed up the cabin earlier, not knowing there was an issue with the valve.  The pipes could have frozen even with the anti-freeze in them.  Yes, the repair costs money, but certainly not as much as frozen pipes.

I know God is involved in everyday life of people when He is invited in.   He is not a buttinski.  Every morning I talk with Him and thank Him for the blessings He will send to me that day, and each night I thank Him again and tell Him how much I appreciate His caring, and my amazement that He knows me personally with all the billions of people on this earth. 

If you want to share a blessing, let me know, and I will post it.  November is coming, and it is the month not dedicated to turkey dinners but to thank God for His presence and blessings.