Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Problem Solved- Problem Beginning

                              Problem Solved -Problem Beginning

Whew! A big problem was solved!  Remember I wrote about the distraction of hats Cecilia wore to church on Sundays.  The first Sunday of each month she wore an original creation which caused congregations for all the churches to abandon their pews and go to Cecelia's church  to see her new bonnet

Well with COVID disrupting the plans of mice and men ( good old Bobby Burns), she now sits in her front yard and people can drive by and see her new creation after their service on Youtube.  Everyone is happy!.

But my Nightingale floors are singing again. I am writing a new historical fiction and I think I will call it The Dead Hanging Tree.   There is such a tree.  It is dead but still stands at least at the last sighting.  And on the tree, when it was alive, two people were hung.

One person who is a character in my story came to visit me one night to tell me his side of his life experience to relate to the reader.  He hopes I will be able to convey his reasons for his actions. His story began at age eleven and continued through his adult years.  

Here is part of his true experience when he was a scout with the army.  He and another scout, by the name of Boney, were ordered by an army captain to find five women captured by the Arapahos.  Here is Tom's story.

"Boney and I were on the trail when Boney said, "Look, Tom, fresh horse dropping.  We must be getting close." (aside: I cleaned up the language a bit from Tom's story).
Soon the odor of smoke wafted in the air and struck our noses with a strong pungent smell. It was now black as a witch's cat except for a sliver of the moon. After hobbling the horses and belly crawling forward,  we came to a small rise of rocks.  We peered around a boulder and stared down at a campfire.  

Five women were huddled in a group and tied together by leather thongs.  Twelve Arapahos were eating by taking food from a birch bark pot filled with water.  Every few minutes, a brave took a forked stick and put a  rock from the fire into the bowl to keep the water hot.  

I tapped Boney's arm and pointed to the left side a distance from the camp.  He nodded.  We crawled across the grit, sand, jagged rocks.  We crept to the tethering ropes of the tied Indian ponies, untied five horses, and led them back to where we had hobbled our mounts.  

We returned to the rest of the Arapahoes' horses and untied them.  Waving our arms and hats in the air the mustangs nodded their heads, snorted, nickered, and milled about.  I waved the dead rattler (another story into his having a rattlesnake) in the air and as soon as the ponies smelled it they were off at a gallop.

The Arapahos stood at the sound of the commotion and ran in the direction of their horses, leaving the women unattended."

                                         -The story will be continued to another time.-
Don't you just hate it when the storyteller says tune in again for more of the saga?  I do!  But that is Tom.  He said he would come back to tell me more and soon I heard him walk down the hallway making my floors sing. 

Cliffhanger:  will the women be saved?  

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Don't drag your feet.