Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Your Thanksgiving

                         What Do You Eat at the Feast

Thanksgiving today reflects the culture and region of the people in the United States.  Many follow a traditional menu of stuffed turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, a vegetable and pumpkin or apple pie.


Here are some cultural changes

New Mexico people like chiles in their stuffing.

The people along the Chesapeake Bay, like crab in the dressing and as an appetizer.

In Minnesota, many people stuff the turkey with wild rice.

In Washington State, people prefer hazelnuts in their stuffing and desserts.

Some folks in Indiana like persimmon pudding for dessert.

 The Key West folks have key lime pie along with pumpkin pie.

In Baltimore, people have been known to have sauerkraut with the turkey.

Folks in the south may prefer sweet potato casseroles and pork from the backbone of the pig, and cornbread dressing. Also, many like ambrosia, which is a layered fruit salad made with citrus fruits and coconut, pecan pie and other pies, puddings, cakes, and cobblers.

New England residents like mince, apple, and pumpkin pie desserts.

We are diverse in the ways we celebrate in our Thanksgiving celebration. But we are united in wanting to have time to give Thanks.

Here are some Colonist words.  Can you match them up with our English?

Pillowcase                                                                            hearth

backward                                                                              breeches

pants                                                                                      mouser

stew                                                                                        arsy varsy

cat                                                                                          pillowbere

fireplace                                                                                 pottage

skirt                                                                                        petticoat

What will be your Thanksgiving menu?  Put it in the comment section and we can all compare our favorite feasting foods.